Quests for android


A detective investigation that literally oozes with mystery and other horrors, but it was combined with an interesting plot and even a search for objects, which is very relevant in the framework of the genre today.


And one more novelty among role-playing games, which, in turn, should interest already more advanced players who are aware of the formation of the genre, so the real classics became the origins of the game!


Another detective story, which is made in the style of a graphic novel, will delight all fans of a good storyline, and the excellent dubbing forces you to use headphones;)


The game of horror for survival, here's how to call this project, if you follow the statements of its developers. However, no one will deny that we have something dark in retro style!


Typical for its genre game in the "hidden object" format will offer you an unforgettable adventure, because your character is teleported to another planet, and this is not a joke ...


This game was waited by all fans of the first-person role-playing games, who for some reason do not have the opportunity to play them on the PC, because The Elder Scrolls is a legend, and even from the "native" developer ...


Escape from ... this time the room, and the plot is twisted around the novels and detectives of mass consumption, the author of which was now the late owner of the room in which your hero was stuck.


A typical quest for its genre, whose actions take place in closed rooms with closed doors, which you will have to open using your brains and attentiveness.


Your hero was in the attic of the parental home and no one can forbid him to be there, of course, there will be many mystical mysteries that you have to solve in the course of the story.


Detective stories often catch players, so developers always try to come up with something new on this subject, as in this case, where the murder investigation is waiting for you.


The games about searching for objects, as well as quests of this format and whole stories more and more each year, but the developers of this novelty were able to surprise us!


Not only that school, so also zombies! What could be worse than this combination? However, the developers decided to joke, apparently, how and why - we will tell further.

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