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Many players have already begun to forget about the classic of animation, which is not so often found in games, but if it does, it means that the project turned out to be significant!


Recently, all the horrors for the android that came across on our site were mostly weak projects, so we tried to find something more relevant;)


Just the other day we wrote about the new engine of the fourth generation, and today we will show you a game from developers who are very fond of using it;)


Last month, we had the honor to test the quest from the same series, but from other developers and came to the conclusion that everything is bad, today we will improve, here's the original!


A classic horror film that has quite successfully found itself on android and will allow you to get a charge of very specific emotions of fear and horror;)


The game that just appeared, but already hit our site, because it deserves it! It is positioned as an arcade, but in fact it's stealth horror and nothing else!


Horrors, the format of which has become a classic for android, so if your nerves are strong, and you need to do something, you can pay attention to this game;)


The film "Alien" as well as the "Alien" and other representatives of this franchise have been included in the classics of horror and fantasy for many years, but what about the next game based on the film?


The next game, the appearance of the second part of which was quite difficult to believe, but it appeared, so, let's check what the developers gave us this time ...


For a good adventure game you need a story, and what could be better than a story based on the famous Harry Potter franchise?


Before you, a wonderful quest, the main participants will be a variety of mechanisms and of course your brain, which will have a great opportunity to warm up!


This game is fundamentally knocked out of the general fund of what is happening, as it is gloomy and sad, which is quite untypical, however, it does not stop to love this project ...

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