sea for android


New runner with a claim to originality, but we can just say that this is the theme of surfing, which has always attracted a large number of admiring glances!


Time killer is never too much, so here's one that will offer you surf using just your fingers, try, or are afraid of drowning?


New runner on android, which is quite suitable for children and adults, only adults are interested in will be much more difficult, because the adult attention to detail ...


Very nice game that encourages you to become the ocean! How can I refuse such an opportunity? Riders, heroes and villains, even all have been, it's time to become something great!


Designers studio nataliLWP prepared a nice gift to all owners of the android - if you are not able to go to an island paradise, you can download this wallpaper!


In this game you have to hunt for pearls which lies on the seabed itself down you without equipment, so that the faster the sail, the sooner vynyrnite!


South Surfers-Marine Subway is a fun and interesting arcade game for tablets and smartphones, where you have to ride the waves in the sea! Welcome to the world of surfing and good mood!


Hungry Shark 2 - a continuation of a very interesting and addictive arcade games for mobile platforms, where you can feel yourself in the shoes of a young shark! Yes you read that right, the game's protagonist - a real shark!


Battleship 2, aka "Battleship 2" is a new, improved part of the same game for mobile devices. Familiar copybook cell and great gameplay, which is bound to cause nostalgia, but now you have the chance to play online with friends and other players all over the web!


Most summer game Jet Ski Joyride ready to send you to the world of the sea, the waves and fun that await you in the Caribbean! Get on your jet ski and bisecting the sea surface for all sorts of levels, starting with very simple and relaxing to complex and even violent, in terms of marine recreation, of course ;)


Game Quadropus Rampage is a rare introduced a free application for android that should not be so, some publishers this situation is called a crime, but still, the game is and it is just gorgeous, entertaining and insanely addictive.


Game 8th Wave Abyssal Rise allow you to explore the underwater world and giant sea trenches full of secrets and surprises. The whole world of aquatic adventures waiting for you, you have to play well for the young captain who needs the courage to explore all of the abyss and dark places.

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