Jelly Reef
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Become an "ocean" - a concept quite loose, for the first time, you can even think that you will be offered another sandbox, on the basis of which you have to manage the ocean community, but this is only a convention, the purpose of you will be quite different and less global.

Make the original arcade game today is not so simple, but the developer from the Netherlands, who calls himself Adriaan de Jongh could!
The game Jelly Reef you will take care of newborns jellyfish that are totally unprotected and dangerous the world is ready to break them apart. Will start with only one individual, but on the first level you have to gather the whole group, which will be held for each other and follow along until the end. This level will be a trial, because you can get acquainted with the management, which is implemented most simple swipe to understand how the current and all enemies on the first level will not. Further, the same you will lie in wait for prey fish, which can be anywhere in the reservoir, the dangerous crab sitting on the beach and can grab one of your when you swim alongside many other dangers, which meet only be. In addition to the course that will be created and you are the ordinary course, that can not be ignored, in fact, have to fight with them. Each level is unique, they are automatically generated, each has several outputs to which you and you need to get.

Particular attention should be paid to design, which is amazing. Water and stones here just fine, but everything else is wonderful! Corals are animals, for bubbles in the water, all that is fascinating and you will not be able for a long time to break away from the screen, while enjoying the beauty of the sea. The benefit of haste in the game is not required, so that no one interfere!

Features Jelly Reef:

  • a unique opportunity to control the currents in the ocean
  • Each level is generated again and automatically, so that no repetitions!
  • very beautiful location with corals and inhabitants
  • Explore all the levels and get to the depths!

Disadvantages of the game Jelly Reef:

  • the game is only paid the price - $ 2.5

The result: a very beautiful and original arcade game that can catch many, that's just about it, few people know as to shopping, few ready.


Jelly Reef


2.19★ 43.75%

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2015/05/24 10:44
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