Hungry Shark 2
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To survive in the harsh conditions of the underwater world is not so easy, even sharks! Can always find such a fish, which is more and more dangerous for you! Since childhood, sharks do not have to live and survive, whilst avoiding the dangerous sea predators. But when the shark grows to its maximum size, it is no longer equal. No one is hidden from razor sharp teeth! The gameplay is that you control a little shark using touches on the touch screen. You need to eat and have a little fish, and most importantly avoid while larger inhabitants of the depths that can eat you! Over time, you will grow and be able to eat larger fish and eventually become large adult killer shark! In the game you can use helpful bonuses, such as fish magnet and freezing time, the fish themselves will float you in your mouth!

Features Hungry Shark 2:

  • More than 20 different and exciting levels of play!
  • Lovely optimization devices, even with a weak processor!
  • Manage shark feed her fish and avoid the big fish!
  • Easy and intuitive operation using the touchscreen!
  • Use additional useful bonuses such fish magnet and deceleration time!
  • A progress bar at which you define when the shark will grow!
  • Small size of the application and the high quality images!


Hungry Shark 2


4.26★ 85.28%

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2014/01/30 11:11
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