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Hello, friends! And today, we have to review the application of the company Yandex, Yandex City. The application is essentially an analogue of the well-known foursquqre. But not without differences and additional functions, which we now discuss. So Yandex City is a small but still social. network with geolocation. The main idea is grading reviews and small cafes, restaurants, bars and other entertainment. All evaluations are collected into a single point, and then you say being in a different city can visit the great places that other people liked.


Specialized and compartmentalized application to record your phone calls, little has previously considered similar from developer ACR, and what is best - choose ;)


Rather specialized program to record your calls, one of the best deals available on the Market today, and to all our readers! Read the review and choose the best!


More and more news of the game world was out every day - announcements, surveys, news. Keep track of all this flux was difficult, until today!


This program will help you learn the basics of photography and a little more, will allow insight into the highlights and begin to understand a little better in the technical side of the issue.


A very handy utility for monitoring the financial condition of your bank accounts, on mobile and generally anywhere! Also, the program provides a wide field of activity programmers;)


Hello! Modern man is online all day, but unfortunately Internet operators still have not offered us completely flatrate at high speed. Therefore, all we have to use a limited number of tariffs megabytes per day or month. But sometimes she wants to see the review on our channel, but alas sms alert the operator reports already fallen to a minimum speed of internet connection.


For those who know there is an amazing resource Habrahabr news! Was created applications for your android to make you more comfortable to read this wonderful site for those who also do not know - I recommend to read!


Hello, friends! Today we look at the updated camera app for the operating system Android. Google has decided to update a small application through Google Play, so that we can quickly start using the new features, and not wait for the next software update.


TeamViewer application has been known for many years, and has helped millions of people around the world, it is used by various masters and technical support around the world, and finally it appeared on android!


SlideShare app will help you broaden your horizons and to share with others something useful and interesting, only then collected the largest number of presentations and only then new ones appear in large numbers!


Pushbullet app for android is another step forward in the use of your phone, but rather another attempt to integrate this very phone deeper into your life ...

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