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Hello, friends!

And today, we have to review the application of the company Yandex, Yandex City.

The application is essentially an analogue of the well-known foursquqre. But not without differences and additional functions, which we now discuss.

So Yandex City is a small but still social. network with geolocation. The main idea is grading reviews and small cafes, restaurants, bars and other entertainment. All evaluations are collected into a single point, and then you say being in a different city can visit the great places that other people liked.

Application interface is made in a flat design, and is a tape in which you can select the desired category, whether a pharmacy, cafe or cinema.

At the top of the line search is traditionally located, which supports voice input.

Bottom panel has 3 tabs, actually the search itself, bookmarks and profile. Under the tab, you can mark your favorite places for you personally, then to quickly navigate. Tab profile bears the main application settings, there you can choose the type of card, add a new organization and clear the cache application. To fully synchronized with Yandex City you can log into your account.

If you need full information about the place, you can use filters. There you can see the time, the kitchen, the average price for lunch and more.

Well, finally the right choice to help reviews, ratings and photos.

Mapping service, also introduced by Yandex, they have years of experience with the application maps, so position accuracy and the nearest object on top.

Yandex company claims that service City, the biggest base of reviews in Russia, their transfer service about 70 partner sites.

Yandex City is just beginning its work, so write in comments your city and you have a functioning service.

On this I have everything.

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!


Yandex. City


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2014/06/24 14:06
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