Game 2-bit Cowboy is a platformer for android, one whose name speaks for itself, the game is a two-bit, and moreover, it is really about a cowboy! Game developers have prepared from Crescent Moon Games, for which it is clearly not the first and not the last, but with them we already know, they are able to even the masterpieces of pixels to make, for example, The Deer God, an overview of which you can read on our website. However, with regard to this game - in the masterpieces she is not trying to get in, it's just a two-bit platformer about a cowboy ...

Since the game is two bit, it is not only flat and pixel, then there's very little color ... Black, which is a little green, white and shades of gray, that's all waiting for you, but it also is retro, it is It is a classic, which many do not have enough. However, for a retro game that was quite busy, it has something to do here, and very much what. For example, there is huge levels, which in principle is not peculiar to old games, but today we can afford it. Go in search of treasure, Tracking criminals, try to tame the bull, ride a horse or have fun in the saloon, and if you do get bored - come in abandoned mines, explore them and ride a trolley, it's all possible here!


  • Customize your character
  • many huge levels that you want to explore
  • small underground casino in the saloon and plenty of drinks
  • earn local currency and buy suits his character
  • there is mounts!
  • classic, retro and nostalgia for the GameBoy - that's what awaits you!

games Disadvantages:
With this strange, considering that the game is positioned as a "retro", is schedule to stick to and stupid, then either you like this or not, no other options. But the fact that the game is sold only on a fee basis - upset many, thus, make a trial version, they did not occur, however, the cost of the full version is very small - a little less than one dollar.

Bottom line: the game 2-bit Cowboy is a classic and it says everything, someone loves it, some do not, but either way, it will find its audience, even when the project fee. The audience can not and will most extensive, but I'm sure the developers are well aware of and are willing to take such risks for the sake of thousands of happy users.


2-bit Cowboy



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2016/09/22 14:29
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