SimpleRockets game is a puzzle for android, which is much more suitable for such a definition as a designer, because that's what their game is. Prepared by the game for us developers of Jundroo, LLC, and they were not the first and not the last project, the cage has a similar game about planes, and something similar, where it is necessary to build bridges that doge pretty exciting. The main and the only negative of the majority of their applications - they are paid, for example, this game will cost you $ 3, and lot or a little - judge for yourself, but I will tell you about the game.

The game is based on several very important principles that you must know.
First - you will create space ships! Available there is a lot of different modules, which in any number and sequence, you can connect with each other and to see how it takes off and how well able to hold out in flight. Moreover, here you can even build rovers with wheels, which also can be checked on the case!

The second - is engaged in research! You can try to take off from any planet in our solar system, all the planets are necessarily different gravity, which will undoubtedly affect the flight characteristics.

Third - you have to think and solve problems, which are very well placed in the game, allowing you to develop and think through the new plans, which will be getting better and better each time. Will take into account the take-off speed, flight range, the minimum amount of fuel and much more, all this will compete with other players and prove himself.

Fourth - the game is based on the laws of physics, which have 400 years ago, a very precise and detailed description of Kepler, the person who became the ancestor of original ideas flight into space than we are now actively using.

Outcome: SimpleRockets game is a great puzzle game that is based on four principles just allows you to get a unique and addictive gameplay.





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2016/07/24 10:34
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