puzzle for android


A fresh game based on the movie of the same name, which is just now spinning around the world, so if you want a little more stories - download and play!


An unusual puzzle that will appeal to those who love all kinds of gadgets and other modern chips, because here you will find something similar.


A new, but a paid puzzle, the actions of which the developers decided to make step-by-step, and the surrounding world will surprise you with the happening events, so that there is something to pay for;)


A fresh puzzle of an interesting format, which you will definitely appreciate, especially if the soul does not lie exactly to adventures, catastrophes and excellent graphics!


Interesting and very unusual quest, which combined and search for items and puzzles and even a kind of investigation, the result of which will be in your hands!


A new puzzle for your android in which you have to twist a little and think a little, just what you need to relax and not wither!


Another representative of the genre of puzzles, which will surely appeal to many, which it was possible to understand even in the testing phase, which has finally ended;)


A new strategy for the android in which you will bypass the military actions, and your strength and skills let on the development of the economy and the terrain into which you will cast a fate.


I am sure that many people know such a puzzle as a plumber, so that this project will not become a revelation, but it will not upset anyone either, because the principle here is the same.


The main feature of any time-killer in its simplicity, because this is what attracts many in such games, of which this novelty is also representative!


Fresh and fairly simple to understand the puzzle in which you have to move the blocks, it is a bit like gengu, but only a little, in reality it's different;)


A new adventure game that is saturated to the brim with puzzles and riddles is ready to tell you a story about how and why you need to save the world ... although someone is already a pro in this regard.

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