Zenge game is a pretty standard format puzzle "puzzle", which very few people would have noticed, but the developers have tried to happen the other way around. And all thanks to the cunning tricks, already actively used in other games of this genre.

gameplay just like any other puzzle prompts us to gather some pre-known pictures of the pieces, though a classic is not called, the pieces here absolutely different types and structure, plus, they are sometimes pretty easy to put into place, because nothing else here just It will not work. However, in some high complexity of the game and does not apply. However, to make a memorable game developers decided to add to this very high-quality graphics, a stunning soundtrack and interesting design, which together makes the game very atmospheric, and means for kakoy-to invisible because it wants to play again and again. Incidentally bonus for such a wish will be a large number of levels, which will take you a long time.
However, in order to somehow complicate the task of the developers we have decided to take over the important rule of the game sequence to deploy elements. The difficulty, if it can be called, will consist in the fact that all the elements are moving into place on the same plane, so that putting in place some of you will not be able to put other's tut-to and will have to think a little to understand what kind of element is put first, but there are no other complications, because the number of attempts and remove features not delivered on time element is not limited. Way cool feature by collecting all the items you will get great pictures in the style of minimalism and space subjects, it is very beautiful!
The only drawback of this game will be the fact that she paid and free trial version, the price is, however, quite low - less than a dollar, though, with no money all this beauty you will not see.

Bottom line: it's a great game Zenge puzzle that will not break your brain, it is only a little shake and allow it to relax, while enjoying the design and beautiful pictures. Anyway, you do not mind eating the dollar - definitely download.





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2016/05/09 11:22
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