Evo Explores
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Game Evo Explores invites us to find yourself in another world, a fantasy generated by the developers of the Stampede Games and solve a set of rather interesting jobs, which in general is very much like other similar projects, such as Monument Valley and Back to Bed, and other well-known representatives of the genre. However, it is at first glance, the game is fundamentally different, but there are also some that consistently in common - they are paid. The price of the game is quite low and the dollar is a little, however, no trial version is not here and not planned.

The main character in the game is a robot named Evo and occupation has a very interesting - it is a space traveler who flies from planet to planet and each time makes the world better on it (at least in our opinion). Each planet is certainly full of mysteries, however, we will focus on a planet called Bayt planet, where even the usual laws of physics do not work, here and to understand here. Game is divided into levels, each of which tells a piece of the history of the inhabitants of this planet, and the reasons on which everything is arranged just so and not otherwise. Just you have to understand the reason why on the planet was the extinction of entire species of creatures and try to prevent a repeat of the situation.

With gameplay that for registration of this project is really located the closest to Monument Valley, however, the developers did not deny, claiming that they were fans of both games, but its still love more. Other things being equal, this game is definitely cheaper than the original, it sure will please many, and given that Monument Valley is definitely worth the money, then this game this statement can be used in two ways.

Bottom line: Evo Explores the game you will find a lot of strange things, mechanisms, beautiful design, and cute characters, as well as magical puzzles and many other very interesting items for which really should give some money.


Evo Explores


4.43★ 88.5%

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2016/04/23 14:37
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