Dream Machine: The Game
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Dream Machine: The Game


Game Dream Machine: The Game is a puzzle where the action will take place in an unusual world, it is absolutely unreal, a little surreal, and most importantly, very beautiful, with stunning design and weight of the original decision. We developed a game in GameDigits Ltd and it will be an excellent opportunity to meet, to which we now proceed.

Our hero - a robot that is clearly endowed with a lot of qualities that robots are not inherent, but when you consider that they will manage you, it all turns into a living being. Our robot was at the plant, which, in general, it is logical, it is the most suitable place for them, but it was this plant does not like, because it's cold and inhuman, in any case, according to developers. Your task - to escape from this place to get into another world, which appear much better. But, the main thing to believe, so proceed to the solution of various problems, which will allow us to gradually come closer to its goal.

The game is divided into levels of contingencies, which are essentially just individual pieces of locations that need to be overcome. The site is considered to be passed when the robot reaches the green mark, but to do it will not always be easy. Controlled robots you do not have, you can only stop it or run again so he went to his goal, but the "ground" beneath his feet would have to build for you, as each stage will be dangerous sites with mechanisms where you need something to substitute or turn. First, the game may seem very simple and very measured, but it will pass quickly because the complexity is increasing here and at some point you have to think very hard to solve the next puzzle. However, the gameplay is very calm and do not you hurry and beautiful location, quirky arrangements and excellent animation will make enjoy the picture.


  • beautiful graphics
  • soothing gameplay
  • Battle dangerous bosses
  • pump your robot and place the new records in the areas
  • each new puzzle will make your brain to open up a bit more

games Disadvantages:

  • the game is paid, there is no trial version. Price - one dollar

Bottom line: if the game is worth Dream Machine: The Game for money? Certainly worth it! So if you do not mind a dollar for a great game - swing, do not hesitate!


Dream Machine: The Game


2.34★ 46.83%

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2016/04/03 10:19
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