twofold inc.
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Game twofold inc. Is a puzzle game for android about which we can just say a lot of good, such that she is beautiful and concise, sophisticated and stylish, fun and addictive, but unfortunately quite often these things describe a paid project, which this game is.

What we propose to do.
On the face of occupation we will be fairly simple - to destroy the blocks of one color, combining them. But in fact, everything is much more difficult, especially at higher levels. In addition to the field with multi-colored tiles we will have two more important parameter. Indicators, colors that match the colors of some of the blocks on the playing field and the number of lives. You will lose one life for every useless move, so it is advisable to think before every, good, you're not limited by time. With indicators proved difficult. They are signed digits, each of which is a multiple of two. For example, blue light, and it says "4", but this does not mean that we need to destroy the four blue block, this means that you need to destroy the number of blue blocks which, when squared give us a figure four. In principle, it is possible to destroy the number of blocks to fill part of the indicator or exceed his request, but keep in mind that the following indicator that appears could qualify for the extra blocks. To get the most convenient location of the blocks can be moved in a horizontal direction, though not always available, however, try it, it should help.


  • the number of levels is not the end, you can play endlessly
  • There are two game modes - normal and very complex
  • great soundtrack
  • nice design and layout
  • addictive gameplay

games Disadvantages:

  • the game is paid, there is no trial version

Bottom line: the game twofold inc. is a puzzle that will appeal to many, it definitely deserves praise, that's just not many will be able to try it out because of its distribution policy, otherwise it would be a hit.


twofold inc.


4.87★ 97.33%

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2016/02/16 12:42
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