Ghosts of Memories
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Ghosts of Memories


Sometimes when going competent developers who know their own worth, know what users want, they have an idea, and most likely some talent, without which these games can not do. And the genre does not really matter, but today we have a puzzle called Ghosts of Memories from the developers of Paplus International sp. z oo
The strengths of the game is pretty much about it, I certainly tell you, but just want to point and one weak point of the game - it applies only for a fee. No trial version, a trial, and others will not find a price, not the lowest - 2.5 dollar, however, as I have already said enough strengths here.

The atmosphere and appearance.
Atmospheric this game does not take away, because too many factors at the same time and in the same project have found each other. We have here, and beautiful graphics, which is a little neon lights, gives a little surreal and just oozes quality, and the very happening here suggests the mystical mood, because we will play for a ghost! Complement happening beautiful and thought-worlds, simple operation and excellent music, without which the game would not have produced such an impression, but he makes it. Moreover, the gameplay of this game is not limited to the examination of all possible options or impassable dead ends, you have to try, to experiment, and of course, every problem can be solved in several ways!

Features Ghosts of Memories for android:

  • beautiful graphics, an isometric view
  • excellent design of all that you will see
  • beautiful voice of the game (it is recommended to use headphones)
  • interesting gameplay, skilled jobs, many different outputs from one situation
  • Simple operation

Disadvantages of the game Ghosts of Memories on android:

  • game paid the price - $ 2.5

The result: an interesting, beautiful and original game that is worth buying if you really like puzzle games, which have grown unlike their peers;)


Ghosts of Memories


4.35★ 87%

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2016/01/07 10:59
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