Recently I began to notice a trend one which I do not like. Began to appear on Android unusual projects, clearly stands out from the usual and customary rate canons that define the most popular projects in their genres. This is a very good thing, because the game industry is evolving, and this means that we will have the opportunity to play a variety of games, with the mobile phone. However, what I do not like almost every other unusual game that I found a pay! Here it or someone too much appreciates their efforts, or android trying to bring iOS where most of the application fee. The same problem occurs with the game Primal Fire, about which will be discussed today.

This project belongs to the developers of DoDo4StoryGames, he really unusual and he paid. No trial versions, at a fairly affordable price of one dollar. What, in general, tolerable, however, for similar honors project clearly does not pull in my view, and here's why.

As a fact, the plot of the game is not something that is missing, it is not needed. The meaning of what is happening is that the old man was in the cave labyrinth from which to choose. That's all you need to understand before the game. No special skills to get out of the maze do not need to be all you have to do - to choose any direction and go through it, in the hope of saving the output. If it would be the wrong direction, then your task is to quickly return to the place where you made this choice and go the other way, of course it will be difficult to do for several reasons.

Features Primal Fire:

  • specific "angular" schedule
  • simply decorated
  • no guidelines, but your memory and intuition
  • collect sticks to keep the fire
  • Avoid falls
  • collect food to keep from starving

Bottom line: Yes, the game is pretty unusual, yes, the graphics are also somewhat distracting from the usual, but not everyone will like it, with no one likes the game and paid almost everyone she get tired pretty quickly. So either the project will actively develop and figure out how to make the game more interesting, or do not see any sense in it.


Primal Fire


4.03★ 80.58%

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2015/12/01 10:28
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