The last time so often happens, the developers more and more projects, more as a result - every day there are new games and applications, but 99% of them are generally similar, this does not negate their coolness or quality, but to surprise someone they just do not capable. Do not argue, most of it is not necessary, necessary causality and optimization than most of the developers and trying to do, however, plenty of different publishers, who need not only to write reviews, but also to evaluate in which people believe are lost with the flow of content , but when a game is to look at which is impossible without surprise - they begin to let the excitement and set the highest score, it is about the situation occurred with the game In Between, which is very strange in appearance and gameplay ...

Prepared game for android developers Headup Games, the authors of a series of games Bridge Constructor and some others with whom we are already familiar. In any case, these games are not yet released. By the way, not a lot of rewards that this game has managed to pick up:

  • German Design Award Nominee, 2016
  • German Video Games Award, 2015
  • Red Dot best of the best, 2014
  • FEFFS Indie Game Contest Finalist, 2014
  • 2nd place MB21 Festival, 2013

Impressive list, right? In any case, once it becomes clear that there was a game back in 2013 and it was an indie project that over the next 2 years has grown into something bigger without changing their plans and principles.
Like in this game could literally everything from the graphics, which proved to be a platformer and it's not just a pretty picture, it figures, everything is painted, and sometimes a little bit crooked, but this is the main charm! Gameplay - a non-standard, it will change your mind without options! Postproduction - wonderful and appropriate, it is not often meet, and finally do the job - and the strange logic that cause a strong feeling that you hallucinating! By the way, you will find more than six dozen levels, which is also quite a lot for such projects. There is a plot, and how without it? This will take you to the head of the protagonist, where you'll get a large and strange world, which responds poorly to logic, common sense and the laws of physics, but why not?

But there is a game and In Between one drawback - it is paid. Trial version, unfortunately, is not, and the price of the game a little less than two dollars, but it is worth the money!

Bottom line: if you are tired of the standard puzzles and platforming, if your soul needs something new, some shake, then spend two dollars and you get it, I guarantee!


In Between


4.2★ 83.9%

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2015/11/09 10:11
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