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The first time this game appeared in 1996, ie, almost 20 years ago ... then it was supplemented in 2001 (this option and altered), and also received a small extension to 2002, which in any case for a long time. The game then and now is very difficult, moreover, what we see now is completely the same game, which just re-painted and prepared for touch screens, without changes in the plot and gameplay. Publishers were little known TERC, which have not yet become famous android. By the way, the game is paid, costs almost $ 5, however, over 10 thousand people have paid money, and believe me, not just because!

The history of the world is quite exciting, it begins with a description of the life of cute creatures that existed in the world of his island, as long as there were not aggressive invaders who enslaved the locals easily. However, this life of our heroes were not satisfied, so they decided to run away, what you tell them and help. Their path will be long and difficult, will be a lot of enemies and a lot of puzzles, again, very difficult.

The important point was the schedule by which the game is now available as an HD, and it's not an old picture which pushed for a new resolution, it remade completely, carefully and thoroughly retaining all important elements and features. Do it - respect!

Features Zoombinis:

  • more than a dozen of challenging puzzles
  • preserving the original voices of the characters and narrators
  • old music
  • original story and the world zumbinis
  • there was a table of ratings and achievements

Weaknesses games Zoombinis:

  • No trial version, the game fee
  • "Okazualit" game no one tried, it is still very difficult

Bottom line: if all the old games were transferred so qualitatively, the world would have been different! So if you like challenging puzzles and interesting plot - buy, if you've played the original, the more buy!



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2.07★ 41.33%

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2015/10/31 10:51
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