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Published Games have become not very popular developers Phosphor Games Studio, the game is created based on the mini-series HEROES REBORN, the first series which appeared on October 8, he has not managed to win high ratings and millions of fans, but who knows what it will end. Anyway, the theme from the TV series is quite interesting - he talks about people with supernatural abilities that are hidden in all four seasons of the TV series "Heroes", and in this series gradually began to show their skills to the public. With this goes without any difficulties because the government is very interested in them and we have to play for the minor character of the series named Dahlia, who has telekinetic skills and just landed on a government lab ...

What is nice - the game was done in a format that is rarely found on Android - namely, the first-person shooter, would call it a shooter, but since when telekinesis is equivalent to shooting?
What else is nice - the graphics and atmosphere here is very steep, what to say, there is a version of the game for processors Tegra, and it already hints at the great potential. What is not nice - a draft paid, the price of $ 5, which is not so little for mobile platforms. However, the fact that the game is paid directly overrides considerations that made it for promotional purposes, obviously that does not fit ... so let's hope that the project will not be ruined after the failure of the series, and will live my life, delighting fans.

In addition, the game HEROES REBORN: ENIGMA is positioned like a puzzle, even though its format and it's true! Not only that, you have to learn to control their abilities, so more and solve very complex problems that the game literally covered. As a result, the game not only looks cool, but also very interesting that rarely happens in the external pathos and it also explains its price. The game will have about three dozen challenging levels and a number of management options, each comfortable enough, but depending on the level they are recommended to switch, because somewhere you are waiting for the routine and quiet action, somewhere a real shooter, on which depends the life of your character. But through expert training to master this is not difficult.

Bottom line: if you do not get attached to the series, you do, I just recommend it very cool and interesting game that is worth the money and you will enjoy that it would be difficult to estimate in dollars.




4.13★ 82.65%

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2015/10/18 11:16
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