Freeze! 2 - Brothers
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The developers of the Frozen Gun Games that the game did nothing and did not know the project Freeze! their only. The first part of the game had a fairly good rating, a lot of positive feedback, and nearly ten million downloads on Android, so do not be surprised appearance and the next part. That's only if the first part was free, thus attracting many people, and then the second part immediately paid, even without a trial. Price - little more than two dollars, which promises all the game content without advertising, and additional purchases within the game. Overall - quite an adequate price, especially for a game!

What will do it.
As in the last part, the second part, too strange, very strange. Actions occur in obscure places, apparently having no analogues on the planet, and will have to manage the cog with an eye in the middle of ... will have more control over the design of the bone or something like them to gear rolled and fell into a whirlpool or a small singularity .. . it's hard to judge exactly, but it has no value. To help you will have something like a liquid that will help somewhere, and somewhere it difficult access to the coveted spot. It should be noted that the physics amazing, at least to play a nice, all rotating in opposite directions, watching, trying to ...

The most important thing - execution.
That thing for the game and got so much attention - its unusual design, which is the second part at least has not changed. The game made entirely in black and white, on a background of gloomy music playing if you are caught in a haunted house, and if you look into the surrounding landscape and the construction of all the creeps ...

Features Freeze! 2 - Brothers:

  • a complete product segment of «Premium», with all the attendant
  • unique design and style
  • unparalleled illustrations
  • Four of the world and over a hundred levels
  • each level - masterpiece creation
  • lovely physics of fluids
  • Statistics from the records and achievements

Outcome: looks cool, cool game, with peers and direct competitors of the game is not at least because of the truly unique design. The main disadvantage - the need to pay if you want to try it out, but it is worth the money, do not even hesitate.


Freeze! 2 - Brothers



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2015/10/17 10:58
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