Lara Croft GO
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Lara Croft - pretty legend of the game world, which has recently become more popular than usual, right on Android, but now any PR is appreciated, so why not?
And developers are actively energetically promoting it decided not to reinvent the wheel and made this game based on his other project - Hitman Go. Even the names converge to have people just do not get confused. The principle of the game remained the same - a puzzle with elements of action, drawing the same excellent as before, the same engine ... even the price is similar, that's just another hero! Ktsati, Hitman spite of its value by the standards of an android that is quite high, sold in the amount of over 100 million, is not even bad in my opinion. Lara Croft will be the fate not worse, it is a fact! Especially today, we do not have to wander the familiar locations in the search for the murderers, we will go into the jungle and take part in dangerous adventures, search for ancient relics and other events that are objectively more interesting, and to look at Lara still nicer than bald Hitman. ..

Incidentally it is worth noting that the game was difficult puzzle here, though quite adequate, but think it is necessary, and not think about how to get around once glitch or lack of logic and think in full their brains, because what is happening here is not some -That project gathered at the knees, it's good product!

Pros and game features Lara Croft GO:

  • beautiful graphics
  • thoughtful surround the world
  • excellent soundtrack
  • complex and dangerous enemies
  • dangerous traps and obstacles
  • more than seventy different puzzles
  • collect clothes for our heroine
  • Collect artifacts

Lows game Lara Croft GO:

  • the game is available only for the money, the price - $ 4.5!
  • the battery during the game eats very quickly

Bottom line: Like many other projects of the developer - the game was excellent and very interesting, so do not ignore it if you do not mind to pay for it, and also if you like really difficult tasks and, of course, Lara Croft.


Lara Croft GO


3.38★ 67.5%

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2015/09/03 10:30
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