Feed Me Oil 2
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Famous designers of CHILLINGO prepared the second part of the puzzle is quite popular Feed Me Oil, that's just one downside, the game was at times better, but now developers want money for its creation. The first part has sold in the region of half a million, not much, but it looked horrible by today's standards, the second part on the contrary, looks good, even by today's standards, it's only slightly less than the price of the dollar. Not so much, but the fatk need to pay for the game immediately deters many potential users.

Initially, the game Feed Me Oil was one of the first, which was applied physics of fluids, and these games came out quite a lot. So the second part did not make any breakthrough ahead, using all the same liquid, or rather - the oil!
Oil you have to feed a strange-looking monsters that are very fond of her. Hopefully the game has no political overtones;)
Oil flowed to where you want to operate on have special valves and other devices, which, depending on the situation, you need to place in this or that position. In addition to greatly improved graphics in the game corrected physics, which has become even better and more accurate. Just a little money for their game was fairly long, then 4 chapters and sea levels, which will take a long time.

Features Feed Me Oil 2:

  • four chapters in the game are broken, and many levels
  • interesting and unusual puzzle
  • great physics, which reacts to different surfaces
  • fun tools that will have to use
  • every problem can be solved in several ways
  • any decision can post it on Facebook
  • gifts for those who go in the game every day


  • and as it has already been said - the game fee and other disadvantages not seen

Bottom line: If you like puzzle games, then you should pay for the game and enjoy, in any case, you will not regret - it is long, it is interesting, it is beautiful, in my opinion less than a dollar that's cool.


Feed Me Oil 2


4.61★ 92.23%

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2015/08/19 11:41
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