Missing Translation
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Spanish developers GamesBoosters specialize in independent projects and their first game is called 12 Grapes, it is completely free and download it for no more than 500 people. Of course, this performance nobody will like, so they decided to go the other way and made a new game by assigning a price for it is almost $ 3. What's funny, at the moment the amount of it is downloaded, a good result!

Today, we are waiting for the game with a strange story, a very strange story ... In addition, it is black and white. And pixel. And the quest. And with puzzles. In general, our hero steals a strange cube and moves into a strange world, where the hero himself does not hide the fact he does not understand. But despite this, our task - to return home, not all the same life out there hanging around.
From the first minutes of you do not hide as much as possible out of the place where you find yourself - just collected four dice and combine them into one. You will not even show where they are, but to get to each have to solve a lot of puzzles, devoid of any sense and logic. Perhaps this is the main idea of ​​the game.
In addition to the strange tasks and different difficulty levels of puzzles waiting for you pleasant music and good design, it produces a clear nostalgia for himself until he realized for some moments, but the feeling is, you can be something more conscious. And in the world in which you find yourself full of inhabitants, with whom you can talk and try to find out their history that can entertain anyone ... Especially when you consider that they do not speak your language, that's another strange problem ...

Features Missing Translation:

  • cool design in the style of Pixel Art
  • black and white design
  • more than a hundred odd puzzles
  • Create your own language and communicate with "local"
  • excellent soothing soundtrack
  • big city to be explored

Cons Game Missing Translation:

  • Game fee, will cost about three dollars. Trial version does not.
  • no translation in many languages

The result: a stylish and addictive game which is a concise combination of quest and puzzle, that's only because of the lack of logic in what is happening and payment once the game can be attributed to its specific, however, I hope this project will become popular all of a sudden we ever will benefit from free puzzle of the same style?


Missing Translation


3.9★ 78%

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2015/07/18 11:35
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