Breath of Light
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Breath of Light


Australian developers Many Monkeys Development Pty Ltd have decided to release their first Android game, from Rahner, apparently abandoned, so decided to do a puzzle, and only paid once. Should the game is not enough, about 3.5 dollars, but to be honest, it looks like at least for their money, which is not bad.

The gameplay of its main orientation may sound familiar, because here we have to learn a simple optical laws, because the main task - to reflect the light, in addition to this you can admire the beautiful lotus flower.
On the playing field, we will get one or more stones, which are able to reflect light (or another thread something bright), one living lotus flower that it emits and some dead flowers, which need to be recovered, right by sending this light. The main difficulty lies in the wide variety of stones, which come in different shapes, different strengths, and so on, so that the levels and tasks await you rather complicated, especially when you consider that the number likely will increase.

Perhaps the main feature of this game was the design. Yes, yes, here again, minimalist style, but it is very appropriate, provided that the game is made in a oriental style. The pastel colors of pink, blue or green hues, very beautiful flowers, beautiful light, interesting rocks ... enjoy it for hours, in fact, will likely have to enjoy for hours, as the game will long.

Also worth noting is a very simple and intuitive, which makes the game Breath of Light, in spite of some complexity, a great tool for relaxation, in any case, will not be a hassle for any third-party discomfort.

Result: Among the puzzles, this game definitely stands out, as regards registration of so general a masterpiece, but because of the little-known developers and the fact that she paid, I can not be sure of its high popularity, which is a pity, because the trial would solve this problem.


Breath of Light


2.66★ 53.25%

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2015/05/27 11:19
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