vehicles for android


For all fans of Rahner and maynkrafta it was created this game, which is quite successfully combines these two entities, good, we have something to compare;)


We can say that this is another runner or something like that, but it is actually a bit different, this is a cool runner, who called another language does not turn!


"On the face of terrible, but good inside," so you can say about a lot of the game, but with these few races was all on the contrary ... see why!


Another game is about this kind of racing like Drift! But this time you are waiting for the picturesque locations in the UAE, or rather, in the city of Dubai, where the love machine!


Pretty nice race, which will allow you to once again become king of the road and a fast ride on smooth roads of the virtual, we explain the game in detail.


Again, we are waiting for the race for survival, the apocalypse without any other anti-utopia, the usual battle of strong machinery and desperate drivers who are ready to do anything to win!


The new driving simulator for android, which is quite successfully crossed with Rahner, turned out not as bad as it could be so - I propose to look at the result!


New race for android is always interesting, especially if it is not a regular runner, and quite a decent product with a wide range of opportunities for everyone.


New race for the android, in which we expect a very powerful cars and straight, yes, this is the drag racing which you think, only this time he tamed ...


What did not come up with the developers to stretch their game to the masses, such as in this case, they decided to go through the tricky, adding to the game of beautiful girls and fast cars;)


That time has come to evaluate one cubic runner, and in spite of the cubism, there will have to control the car, slightly raises the game in front of our eyes;)


Road runner, who will throw you back on the highway and an infinite force to collect coins and avoid accidents with the flow, are you ready for a similar again?

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