skipping rope for android


Jump high and far you will be in the game Froggy Splash, where the main character - a positive green frog who loves surfing and obeys the laws of physics. Join ten million fans already love this game, jump better than they put new records.


Raccoon Rising game created together with the company PIXELNAUTS and will be fun for the kids mostly young age. In the thicket sleeps raccoon, but his sweet dream violate robots that want to destroy the forest in which he lives. Your task is to help the raccoon to escape from them, to get a dangerous weapon and destroy robotic lumberjacks who threaten local residents, ie animals that live in the forest with a raccoon.


Droomis game will tell you about an interesting journey into the mystical city Raglife, in which, for unknown reasons, was broken Ballance of good and evil, and who want to restore. Are you ready for this exciting journey?


Game One Up - Lemonade Rush is a very fun and easy to operate, arcade, action developing dynamically and you do not have to be bored to the same idea of what is happening is quite interesting and positive. Your adventures will unfold at the factory for the production of lemonade from which you and should flee.


The game Icy Tower 2 is one of the best games of jumping in the world, available on Android and many other operating systems, including iOS and Symbian. Why are the best, you ask? Because 40 million players voted for it, can not be wrong!


The game is the next Jackie Jump Jumping on the Android platform, exciting and dynamic, but he has one major feature. This feature applies to the developers, it's the same people that created the Nyan Cat!!! Beware, the game may stick to you for a long time!


Jelly Jump game was created in hope of winning "Snatch" similar to the one that won the game became the inspiration for this - the world-famous Doodle Jump. How well it turned out - to judge you, download and test.


Spoing game is a very interesting platform game genre, "trampoline", your task - to climb as high as possible by jumping from ledge to ledge. Collect bonuses and replenish your health.


Mega Jump - jump with his merry monsters as possible. Help your character to jump as high as possible, starting from the golden coins. Look for bonuses along the way and open up new territory.


Candy Monster - help gay monster eat as many sweets while moving from one platform to another. To get the candy you have to jump well. It's a game of survival.


Mega Jump - this game is already over 7 million players worldwide! Join us and you!


Space Jump - In this game, jump in speed in space your task is to climb as high as possible while avoiding aliens and dodging fireballs. Move to the right and to the left, driving a slope with high sensitivity and accuracy. Shoot the monsters by touching the screen, and jump on them to rise above.

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