Adventure for android


We all know such animals as sloths and you will be surprised, but they are also mobile, especially if it is necessary for developers who attracted them for their game!


The film "Alien" as well as the "Alien" and other representatives of this franchise have been included in the classics of horror and fantasy for many years, but what about the next game based on the film?


Gloomy and very interesting game, made in retro style and ready to tell you a horrific story about the next hospital and your attempts to get out of there ...


A new adventure action that will allow you to plunge a bit into the world of ancient India and the myths that are associated with this interesting story.


For a good adventure game you need a story, and what could be better than a story based on the famous Harry Potter franchise?


An excellent arcade in which we will endlessly and unsuccessfully save the princess in a fun cubic world, by the way, there could not have been without bloody effects! ;)


Our planet is huge and almost every region has its own myths and stories based on just such myths and this adventure game is based, very interesting and atmospheric.


This game is fundamentally knocked out of the general fund of what is happening, as it is gloomy and sad, which is quite untypical, however, it does not stop to love this project ...


A novelty for the android, which will appeal to all adventurers, ready to go to the most dangerous adventure, for the sake of solving the ancient secrets and relics!


New from the format of indie games, which should not be missed to fans of all original, unusual and dropping out of the usual format, as this is the case!


Games, especially today, are very different, but a separate place in our hearts is occupied by those in which the emphasis is placed on the plot, so we found something beautiful!


New adventures on your android, which once again can make you think about the nature that surrounds us, however, in the game we will plant whole planets!

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