Organizers for android


kik messenger - Newest IM - messenger who frantically increasing popularity in the world.


AutoRecall - The application will automatically save and re-number when the signal "busy" or in the absence of a dial tone. A pause between sets of beeps numbers have to exist separately. Before the ringing lasts until such time as long as you did not get through or did not stop ringing until vruchnuyu.Udobna programm is now available for the family of smartphones based on Android.


Alarm Clock - This alarm clock turns your Android into beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that is able to play your favorite tunes. There is even a built-in flashlight to light up the darkness!


File Expert - a powerful file manager for Android-powered smartphones, besides having the ability to rassharivat resources smartphone via Wi-Fi, access to network resources through the built-in SMB-client, run the installed application. Here are just some of the possibilities of File Expert


Screenshot: G-Alarm - an alarm clock that will not let you sleep. The program has a stylish design, but also has very good functionality and reliability. alarm clock feature is a mini game that would turn off the alarm. you need to decide to go or not a complicated game. after that, you have not exactly want to sleep and you will not be late for the robot ...


Android Mate - A good manager that combines vsebe file manager, task manager, application manager atakzhe allows you to install new applications, delete or save ihsvashego android phone


Diaro - very quick and easy way to record personal information.


Shopping - the first app with auto-tips and product categories (dairy, vegetables, cosmetics, etc.) in Russian. Help to quickly and automatically create structured product list by category. Walk around the store, load the products into the cart and cross out what is already bought. Share your lists with other users.


QIWI - mobile wallet for android

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