Google Nexus 5 review from ANDROIDISHE Reviews and
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Google Nexus 5 review from ANDROIDISHE Reviews and


Hi all my friends!

And today, my hands finally got a brand new flagship from Google and LG, Nexus 5.

First a little background, every year, Google orentirovochno in October-November a presentation or offline presentation, where shows new version of Android and the first smartphone running on it.

In 2011, it was the Galaxy Nexus with preinstalled Android 4.0, Nexus 4 in 2012, with OC: 4.2.2, 2013 was no exception and the public presented Nexus 5, the latest mobile OSes with Android 4.4 KitKat.

The truth is worth noting that in 2012 and 2013 presentation took place offline, that is Google just added the technical specifications on the site. In 2012, it happened because of the hurricane, and in 2013 just maybe the company decided to make this chip or a new trend.

Well, in a few words, I passed the basic story Nexus devices.

We now turn to unpacking the device.

Box always looks as bonuses, everything inside is usually only charge cable with access to the usb, clip and instructions.

Offered to go directly to the most devices.

Let's start with the design, located in front display, front-facing camera, a variety of sensors, the earpiece and the light of events that we have seen in the Nexus and Nexus 4 July 2013.

Located on the right side ceramic power button and Latok for Microsim card.

On the left, there is also a ceramic volume rocker.

On the upper side, placed a modest 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

And at the lower end flaunt 2 stereo speakers microusb connector for charging.

The back part is made ​​of soft touch plastic as the Nexus 7 second generation, it is located on the camera, flash and logos stevodiodnaya LG and Nexus.

The overall design thoughtful and concise, schem for this smartphone good in the hand.

Well, now for the specifications of the device.

To begin to tell about the display.

It has a diagonal of about 5 inches to be exact is 4.95 cents. The resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels, this density is due to the 445 dpi.

The screen is IPS technology from Addiction LG, recall that LG is bezagovorochno leader in this environment. Display, and the entire front part covered with glass Gorilla Glass 3.

Now let's talk about the hardware and software.

Heart Nexus 5 is a powerful solution from Qualcomm, 800 SNAPDRAGON quad-core clocked at 2.2 GHz paired with Adreno 330 graphics chip and 2 GB of RAM.

Built-in memory can be 16 or 32 GB, depending on the configuration of the device.

5 Nexus is the first smartphone running in the 4th generation networks, which can not but rejoice. Smarfon also equipped with all the advanced features, namely, dual microphone, wifi, bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS.

Google Nexus 5 running on the new operating system Android 4.4 KitKat brand with launcher from Google. Full review system you can view by clicking on the links in the description.

Thanks to good optimization between software and hardware, the smartphone from Google shows excellent results in synthetic tests and games. Interface simply flies, probably it is the first device that I want to use again and again.

For clarity, we have launched several games that you can independently assess the performance of the smartphone.

Now let's talk about cameras, front-facing camera has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels and is not something revolutionary, another thing on the camera base 8 megapixels with optical image stabilization, remember that this feature allows you to capture clear images even in motion, so that on the blurry photo you can forget.

In the camera application Google added a new mode HDR +, which will help to make good pictures in low light, or vice versa lit.

The smartphone has a removable battery 2300 mAh, on the one hand is not enough, but thanks to optimization Android KitKat, smarfon lives all day in active use.

In general, a compact smartphone, thanks to the narrow framework on the sides, the thickness of the device is 8,59 mm, and weighs 130 grams.

To summarize, it is worth noting that Google is not the first time makes a small revolution by combining powerful features and low price in America tsenik to 16Gb version starts with $ 349 and can be purchased smarfon Russia officially from 18000 thousand rubles. And even that will not stop buyers, because all flagships in Russia have a price tag of 30 thousand rubles.

So, if you need a powerful smarfon for little money, Nexus 5 - your choice. Long support from Google, a great camera with optical stabilization, snapdragon 800 Super clear display with full-hd resolution - all this makes the obvious choice.

What do you think about the Nexus 5, leave your thoughts in the comments below this video.

On this I have everything.

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!


Google Nexus 5 review from ANDROIDISHE Reviews and

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