Review of HTC Desire HD
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Review of HTC Desire HD


Entertaining repent of the network as much as you want

HTC Desire HD is equipped with a powerful processor at 1 GHz, due to which a download will take seconds, and intelligent zoom function will automatically format the text to fit the screen - thus the Internet will adapt to you, not you for it.

Look for the big screen

Already gone are the days of small screen when viewing text neohodimo was eyestrain, which was extremely uncomfortable. With HTC Desire HD you will enjoy viewing content with a huge screen diagonal of 4.3 ". Read books, browse through photos - all in high quality thanks to the Desire HD.

Your memories in HD

Life is full of moments that we would leave for the memory. So leave them with a high-resolution format HD. Later, through these moments on TV with your friends.


Review of HTC Desire HD

2011/04/15 14:53
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