Multimedia for android


Total Recall Recorder-Introducing the program Total Recall Recorder, which are in fact one of the best for storing voice and audio information. The software can record phone conversations, plus voice messages and voice metki.Eta program extremely convenient - Recall Recorder keeps the sounds in a variety of different formats, as well as a bonus - a record can be divided into categories and write to specific categories of specific records.


Ringdroid - Create iredaktirovanie audio recordings directly uvas наустройстве.Поддерживаемые formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, 3GPP/AMR.


Vignette 2011 - kollichestvom effektov.62 camera with a large effect, 56 frames, high resolution, using the flash, self-timer, zoom, silent mode, geotagging


Camera 360 v1.6.10 PRO - a program with a large set of filters that you can apply to your photos to make your smartphone a professional camera.


GTunes Music - application to search, download and play varied and high-quality music in MP3 format.


Winamp for Android - the popular media is now available for users of Android 2.1 +. Among the useful features of the player is worth to note synchronization with PC-version of the player Winamp (requires Winamp 5.59 beta), which works like USB, and on Wi-Fi.

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