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The game Cosmic Eggs is a roguelik for an android, but he has a couple of important and interesting chips at the moment that you just can not miss. To begin with, the game comes from Japan, and this already means something, because it was in this country that computer games were born and there are many interesting chips that are not clear to everyone, but they are and will be!

Prepared the game in the studio Ambition co., Ltd., Which has already managed to release several interesting projects, which won a small number of fans, however, it was the first role-playing game, which means they tried!

The gameplay will tell about the distant future, namely about the year 3001, when another threat looms over our native planet, which came from the dark depths of space in the form of an unknown bacterium that destroys everything alive and spreads very quickly. Of course, such an outcome is of no interest to anyone, so your task is to find the source of infection and destroy it, and thus save not only the planet, but the entire galaxy.

Of course, for such a mission, you will need a team, the collection and development of which you will do, while there will always be the opportunity to enlist the support of other players who, like you will fight with the common enemy, but it is not difficult to guess that together it will be easier and more fun. In addition, as the name suggests, you have to work with eggs that need to be grown, fed, and so on, inventing new kinds of creatures that can more successfully resist the enemy.


  • Many kinds of creatures that you will control
  • Develop and pump aliens, see how generations will change!
  • Eat food in the battles with the enemies and feed your team to make it stronger
  • Simple control and automatic battles
  • More content in upcoming updates
  • There is an opportunity to easily climb up the leaderboard, there is almost no competition

Disadvantages of the game:

  • Stylistics of performance is absolutely consistent with the country of origin, not everyone likes this format
  • The game is completely new and there are practically no other players there
  • Advertising and donat, which do not interfere

Result: the game Cosmic Eggs is not only a pleasant gameplay, it's the case when the game you get for a long time, because the mass of content that is already there and all that they plan to release will entertain you more than one year, especially if the game gains the proper popularity .


Cosmic Eggs



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2018/01/12 11:29
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