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The game FRAMED 2 is a paid quest for an android, and as you can see, this is the second part, which at the moment can be bought at a discount, without which the game will cost 4.5 dollars, and now it can be purchased in just two. By the way, the first part is now also a discount, instead of three dollars, it costs 15 cents ... So, this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the new world that we are offered here.

It is extremely important to realize who became the developer of this game - the famous Noodlecake studio! On account of which there are a lot of very popular projects, which already says that they can do games, but most of their projects are free, and if we see that they are asking for money for their project, the conclusion is one - this is a masterpiece!

The plot of the second part, which is important to realize, is the prehistory of the first part, so if you did not play in the first part - it's okay, rather, even you were lucky! Now, you can go through everything in the right order, which will definitely be quite interesting, I think, at least, the first part of the game received a quarter of hundreds of awards in various nominations, which is extremely rare today.

According to the plot, your hero is a smuggler, the profession is difficult and dangerous, which means that you will find a lot of interesting adventures, especially if you take into account that you are carrying a valuable cargo from some exotic country. The design of the game, which is realized in the style of an interactive comic book, whose pages are literally imbued with Noir, which many people love and appreciate recently, deserves no less attention. Besides, there are a lot of variants of the development of events, so try, experiment, have fun!


  • A fascinating storyline
  • Unrepeatable gameplay
  • Interesting design and decoration
  • Simple operation
  • No advertising and additional donate

Disadvantages of the game:

  • There is no trial version, the cost of the game is from 2 to 4.5 dollars, depending on the discount

The bottom line: the game FRAMED 2 is worth its money, it's a fact, moreover, it is worth considering that if you pass it, you will want to fork out for the first part, but it's worth it!





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2017/08/19 11:58
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