Epic Truck lie 3D - Race for Android. Huge wheels, roaring engine and an awesome view - all the attributes of off-road Monster Truck. Racing on similar monsters are very popular in America. In the game you have to drive on such a beast. And where do you think? In the vast desert of America and the snow-capped mountains of Alaska. The principle of the game is very similar to Mx Moto, a side view of the same, the same controls using the accelerometer. There are minor differences, for example, the game can regulate the gas, and if unsuccessful jump at your ATV can easily fall off the wheel. in spite of the side view, graphically the game is made in 3D. Levels varied enough, we have to ride through a hefty boulders, go for the full off-road and jump over the cliff. The game is presented in two versions, this is only the desert, in the full version and you'll be able to drive in the snow.


Epic Truck


3.23★ 64.61%

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2011/02/27 18:09
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