Coffee Pot Terrarium
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Coffee Pot Terrarium


Game Coffee Pot Terrarium is a puzzle game for android, released indie developers, calling themselves "Brothers Flint", by the way, they really brothers! And yet there is such a thing as a Google Play Indie Games Festival, which this year was a finalist for this game, a great start, do not you think? But let's see what we can rejoice this game, what is it so interesting?

Please pay attention to the design and appearance in general, this is important, because the game is incredibly beautiful! This is determined for the most part not even the high-quality graphics and styling that chose brothers. Here intertwined and minimalism and Japanese motifs marked with lots of cherry blossoms. Among other things, the game looks quite unusual, which is also possible to give her credit.

The second point would be definitely the gameplay, which is a rather difficult puzzle, makes you think and think for the most part have tactically, to some extent resembles a strategy game. Each level of the game is a bizarre maze, which was the main character, in addition to that you need to get out of this maze, we must also remove the creatures that will stop you. But, literally cutting the ground from beneath their feet, you will be able to move forward to victory, thus completing the levels.

Perhaps the only disadvantage that this game has managed to find out, is the fact that she paid and without trial. Price of the issue is relatively high - three dollars, however, the game is definitely worth the money, make no mistake.

Bottom line: if you like a beautiful puzzle - be sure to buy this, it definitely fulfill all expectations, in addition, thus you will be able to directly support different developers in this matter, the amount of money received is the perfect equivalent of their effectiveness;)


Coffee Pot Terrarium


3.78★ 75.5%

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2016/10/10 10:57
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