Red comrades save the galaxy: Reloaded
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Red comrades save the galaxy: Reloaded


Game Red comrades save the galaxy: Reloaded is a graphical adventure for android, published by the well-known office called BUKA Development, which have become publishers for stunning quest Siberia and Shtyrlits. Anyway, the original name of this game sounds like "Petka and VICH Save the Galaxy", and certainly not Red comrades ... And so the game about Petka and Vasily Ivanovich all know who in the late 90's has been a PC! By the way, the original game appeared long ago, in November 1998, which was almost 18 years ago! For android game itself processed, even made a foreign location, so that the dialogue between the characters there are in the English language, but not all kinds of graffiti, but it's half the color!

Due to its age the game is not able to show off the graphical splendor as the "Siberia", but the graphics still cool, it is at least original. But in this game it does not really matter, the most important thing here - a sense of humor, which is likely, the foreigners will be difficult to understand and appreciate the other hand, since the game is a parody on the Russian way of life, a variety of characters, movies and even games, the savvy gamer easily find what it hook, understand that it is trying to convey to him the developers. In general, nothing but the quest is no different from the games of the time, there is no story of a dozen options, no trendy ideas, but there is a great story! And most importantly, publishers were able to preserve the classic atmosphere, so get involved and help stop the alien invaders!

There is truth in this game is one small drawback - it is asked for one dollar, however, you will not face additional advertising or given support, so that all to be honest.

Result: Red comrades save the galaxy: Reloaded is a masterpiece that can today and looks a bit archaic, but it is ready to compete with most modern games, many of whom lost their originality and their own unique charm.


Red comrades save the galaxy: Reloaded



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2016/10/07 13:11
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