All is Lost
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Game All is Lost is a runner for android, the Mighty runner, handsome, with a good physics, and even with the plot, which generally stands out from the usual rhythm. However, this does not seem to me the most surprising in this case.
Prepared by the game developers Foursaken Media, not so long ago we reviewed the game War Tortoise, who was also their offspring, but it's not about that. The thing is that this runner turned out fee! Price really stuck near one dollar, but still, this is a paid runner!
I understand when premium Action Games become fashionable or cool quests that are more like works of art, but the runner ... This means that you have to find in it a lot of good and interesting. Let's try!

Let's start with the plot is not very original, but still interesting. We were sent to a distant future where humanity has long mastered even the most distant corners of the universe and life are now huddled in huge spaceships, which will still have to fight for survival. That's just not clear who the enemy is, maybe it's extraterrestrial civilization, maybe this is the next chapter of territories and greedy commanders of other ships ... Also, the plot does not explain why survival is running around on these most ships, but still fun.

The gameplay is the difference between a good and decent graphics, physics, and in addition to the usual jumps and tackles must also take care to open doors on your way, or close the vents of large ovens, which can cause you damage. Anyway, it turned out pretty hard and rich, and all kinds of ships and decks you can enjoy for hours ...


  • Explore a variety of ships, and deliver himself and his crew
  • intuitive controls, as well as plenty of activities for which it is necessary to monitor
  • a variety of space environment
  • no advertising and Donato
  • many achievements and statistics online leaderboards

games Disadvantages:

  • No trial version and a paid runner is still strange ...

Bottom line: runner of the game All is Lost was very good, especially if you close the space theme, so the fact that the game fee is justified, as it turned out, even for a good runner, and you need to pay the cost!


All is Lost


2.45★ 49%

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2016/09/12 10:10
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