Lifeline: Crisis Line
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Lifeline: Crisis Line


Game Lifeline: Crisis Line is an adventure for android, but the adventure is not quite normal, but with a very interesting graphics - your imagination. If someone of you already familiar with previous projects of the Lifeline, you and so aware of what's and how, and for those who are not yet in the subject - a text game made extremely unusual, different from the gaming books and really addictive, causes worry and worry. The developers of the game all the same - 3 Minute Games LLC, so that carried out in the same style in the same tradition, which means very good!

The gameplay is built unusual - you are performing the role of a remote consultant who is chatting with his colleague, participating in the investigation. Correspondence, by itself, does not require an internet connection or a wireless network, it is embedded in the game as a member of the selection that you want to commit the time, the choice of which directly affect the plot, which has several options for development.
What is positive, the correspondence is conducted in real time, so if your partner said that it would respond in half an hour, then so be it. However, you do not have to respond to it exactly in half an hour, you can respond at any time, in fact, in settings it is possible to speed up what is happening, then you will pass the game is much faster, but lose weight experience, which are reduced to the anxious waiting, because giving regular advice to the partner you do not know, he was a good man, or you sent to certain death. With this interactive companion could even become friends, and the plot is, in itself, is very, very interesting, especially in this part, which is about an investigation that involves evidence, questioning and many other interesting features.

All these projects have a couple of drawbacks, the first has been very clear, it involves a complete lack of animation, in fact, you get a text, and no more, some do not like it. The second drawback, more than an objective - all projects pay a series, and this reason is the most expensive and will cost in the region of three dollars, but it's worth it!

Outcome: Lifeline: Crisis Line is a wonderful continuation of the series, is not tied to the plot other games, which in general is good, because you can buy it separately from the others, but if you are experiencing - buy something cheaper and if understand the whole piece of what is happening, the You can always come back.


Lifeline: Crisis Line


4.98★ 99.5%

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2016/09/09 11:57
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