Dinotrux: Trux it up!
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Dinotrux: Trux it up!


Game Dinotrux:! Trux it up this adventure for android that will immerse you in the unusual world of dinosaurs-builders, moreover, these mechanized dinosaurs ... well, interesting happened. The basis for the game took a cartoon Dinotrux, which appeared in 2009 in the depths of the studio DreamWorks Animation, which are bad projects seldom run. However, the popularity of this cartoon is difficult to call, but thanks to Netflix studio, this year he was given a new life and a second season, at the same time, developers using the services of Fox Sheep started the game for the android.

Gameplay involves the construction of the town of dinosaurs, where all self-builders is the aforementioned cartoon characters, you'll also have to guide them, to explore the world and perform a variety of tasks. By the way, there are only five characters, but that's no secret, the project is aimed at a younger audience, but even so many children will be enough to have a good time. The main drawback of the project can be considered the fact that the game is distributed free of charge, the issue price in the region of three dollars, which is quite acceptable, especially considering that there is no extraneous Donati in the game is not contained, so buy one time and let your child play for fun .


  • Funny characters from the movie, half robot, half-dinosaur
  • work, build and have fun
  • work, by the way, there are so many
  • large and crafted world contains a lot of interesting things
  • move, break, pick up, smash - all you need
  • the game contains a lot of mini-games that will teach you better deal with heroes and even repair them
  • to defend their buildings from the evil D-Staktov, it definitely adds to the dynamics

games Disadvantages:

  • I will not lie, not the most popular topic for the project
  • the game is paid, there is no trial version

Bottom line: if your child knows and loves cartoon Dinotrux, then the game Dinotrux: Trux it up! It will be a good gift for him, but if not, I recommend pre-consult with him;)


Dinotrux: Trux it up!


4.62★ 92.42%

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2016/08/11 12:47
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