Game Dog Mendonca is an adventure for android, which has something to tell you, do not hesitate! To thank for this gift to be developers of Deep Silver (Secret Files Tunguska, Lost Horizon and other remarkable projects), as well as children who have already managed to write a book, or rather, it is quite well-known graphic novel Dark Horse Comics! By the way, in the game, and comics like that brings us nearly 20 years ago, when many teenagers literally fell in love with these quests like Broken Sword like him, do not miss the chance to repeat it all!

The most important thing in these games is the story that there is definitely there and it is amazing! And we have to deal with the investigation of the incredible events that take place in the Portuguese capital - Lisbon! There was something strange, because the streets are gone in an instant all the ghosts, vampires and other evil spirits, previously inhabited the streets. The investigation charge skillful detective, who is not afraid to communicate with the other world, which greatly helps him in any investigation. You will enjoy a large number of secrets, puzzles, memorable characters, action scenes and much more, and it looks amazing, beautiful graphics, made by professional hands! In addition, the game is riddled with a great sense of humor, so that the adventure will be very cheerful and positive, be sure to charge you a good mood for a long time!


  • Donat and any additional episodes for a fee
  • memorable adventure which will involve other world powers
  • funny characters
  • a lot of humor, jokes and gags
  • stunning graphics and voice

games Disadvantages:

  • the game is paid, the price issue - $ 5, no trial
  • officially supports are not many devices

Bottom line: call the game Dog Mendonca is only one word - a masterpiece that does not happen often. But as usual, for the good things you have to pay in any case there is trumpeted in an explicit form, without tricks and gimmicks.


Dog Mendonca



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2016/08/07 11:08
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