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Game Zombillie is essentially a snake for android, that's just everything is so different, that I just could not pass up this project, which was also a fee! Nevertheless...
Developers began Forever Entertainment, who are known for their other masterpieces, such Violett, Millie and others. Anyway, the quality inherent in them remains, payment for the same stay, so if you want this cool snake, then get ready to shell out two dollars. But, it is all about, let us return to the game.
In general, how should I say, the game is a snake, but the snake-zombie, you can imagine such a thing? The story takes place after the apocalypse that has transformed the entire world, and the virus could penetrate even the simplest forms of life, which also started to adapt to the new conditions. All the herbs into a toxic waste dump, circle only mud, concrete and fragments of former well-being. The number of species decreased significantly, survived only those who began to eat meat, like our snake, which need a lot of meat!
Just looking for meat, and you go on a journey through a hundred levels, which ultimately should lead your ward for meat farm, where you can eat freely and not worry about their safety. However, the road to be long and complicated, so pull yourself together! The gameplay here is rather interesting, in any case, you will not make a hurry, but as usual, the main thing is not to stumble on his tail and tie in a knot!
But all this is secondary, the most important thing in this game - design, which proved to be remarkably accurate and amazingly atmospheric, because each level is a constant reminder about what's around the apocalypse that around destruction and other fears, that there can be little visually absorb!


  • hundred levels
  • Three types of terrain
  • all sorts of bonuses and gadgets
  • a variety of levels
  • two kinds of mini-games
  • exciting gameplay

games Disadvantages:

  • no trial version, the game is only paid

Outcome: Zombillie game can be called the most vivid and bold remake of snake, she remembered, different cool graphics and seemingly irrelevant plot, but in the end there are only positive impressions, so do not feel sorry for two dollars!





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2016/08/05 12:54
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