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Miami in the '70s and' 80s of the last century has become a very famous city, as evidenced by the large number of films, TV series, as well as games that are trying to send us to that same atmosphere when the streets were an orgy of beautiful women, drugs and mafia that dictated his terms on every corner! Perhaps the most famous game about this town was my favorite part of the GTA, namely - Vice City! Of course, the scenery, the atmosphere, dialogue and more intertwined in this game is the best way, but if you look, the cruelty in it is not too much, enough, but not much. What do you think it is appropriate to the brutality of the world ruled by the mafia and drugs? Yes it there the whole ocean!
But there were two indie developer who thought that violence is a good reason to create a game, something like that, thanks to these guys and publishers of Devolver Digital was born game Hotline Miami! Despite the simple pixel graphics, it appeared relatively recently, namely in 2012, and for the first few weeks it is sold in an amount of more than one hundred thousand copies, which is very cool for such a project. In 2015 came the second part, called Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which did not bring anything new to the visual design, but fully continued and completed the first part of the story. However, this year, developers have reached and mobile platform, so now you can enjoy both parts of the game on your android!

What is special about the series of these games?

  • incredible cruelty
  • hardcore and very dynamic gameplay
  • beautiful, perfectly-chosen soundtrack
  • a great story, is fully revealed in the second part
  • seven characters that you want to know the story
  • Miami true atmosphere of the dark side!

What's the trouble?
Problems in the game more, and you need to be aware of them before you decide exactly with the desire to download it. the number one problem - the game is strictly 18+, because, again, it is very cruel. But this is so obvious, and how she feels on android? To start the game, both paid, and the price they ask for space, at least by the standards of android. The first part will cost $ 12, and the second $ 18, for a total of as much as 30 bucks! Of course, if you buy, then both sides, in fact, it's one, perfect, unique ... The second and no less important problem - you can play only in the presence of a gamepad, touch control is not here and not planned.

The result: a series of games Hotline Miami is a masterpiece that clearly deserves the accolades it has already managed to gather, and it deserves your attention if you are over 18 years old and you are ready to digest a ton of violence and challenging gameplay with stunning plot. So, if you can not play on your PC or console, if there is a game pad - certainly swing, it must have a true and I am very happy that he got to our favorite platform;)


Hotline Miami

The second part


4.26★ 85.25%

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2016/07/01 10:08
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