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Epic Flail ™ game for android is a arcade game with elements of action to which I have more questions than answers for you, but begin from the beginning. By the way, the game developers have prepared from Noxus Ltd and yes, she paid. The price is relatively high, a little less than two dollars, but still. Trial or free advertising you will not find too, just for the money. And then there is the first question - why her name is the same as in other games, the review which was already on our site? Is it so difficult to come up with another name? And, whether it's some kind of hit or something other popular, it can in it and it would make sense, but in the current scenario remains a guess about what the developers simply do not know about the eponymous "competitor", so to speak.

Anyway, since such a thing, you have to compare the two games! By the way, in some ways they are similar because both have to fight in the arena. Only in the case of the original fought you on the beach, and the new version will beat the Coliseum to the delight of the assembled audience. Of course, the format of gladiatorial combat is much more interesting, I think ...
As for the gameplay, it is here definitely more saturated and vibrant, you can jump and even fly, because the fight will be very much, and opponents will be more and more, until the gods who descend on your soul, if you will achieve great success. So, each time breaking the next level you will receive new challenges, and very solid, capable to plunge you into the abyss of sadness and disappointment. Among other things, this game has a different loot, which you can sometimes pick up from fallen enemies, which certainly is not in free variation.

Bottom line: the game Epic Flail ™ though had already been occupied by the name, though he asks to have money for the opportunity to become a Gladiator, but his money and name it discourages completely because the gameplay here is dynamic, complex and interesting, which is not always easy to achieve many projects.


Epic Flail ™

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2016/06/25 10:22
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