Lifeline: Whiteout
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Game Lifeline: Whiteout is a new part of the project from the developers of 3 Minute Games LLC, who have done something like that, the game story ligaments do not have, but the principle remains unchanged. By the way the first part of this was paid, the first part was worth $ 2, this part will cost you three dollars, and, although I am not very fond of this writing, but the game is worth it, the main thing - the right to receive it and feel what is happening. Unlike many, this project is characterized by such features as an excellent story that is difficult to predict, multiple endings, because your every decision directs the hero on a different road, as well as the fact that the game will be an integral part of your life and your experiences. Who else can boast such? However, all that is a game - a chat with a stranger, who was in a very difficult situation ...

Our hero is trapped, it is unknown how or why, but he was in some kind of a glacier where snow all around except nothing. In addition, our hero has lost his memory, the only hint - chevron on his jacket with the name Adams V, but if it is the name? Anyway, his only chance of salvation - a fragile relationship with you, which constantly transmits a signal from the noise, if you can help our hero? What is interesting, the game works by the notification that will be sent to your phone periodically, so in real time, you can watch your character and guide him in one direction or another. Each decision will have consequences, so play Lifeline: Whiteout can be many times, constantly getting something new. But ideally we need to help the hero to get out and remember who he is!


  • many endings, interesting story and everything happens in real time
  • You choose when the time to pay attention to the game
  • decide the course of history each of its solution
  • the game does not require the Internet
  • there is no Donat or advertising

games Disadvantages:

  • trial there
  • game-specific, many people do not like it

Outcome: Game Lifeline: Whiteout is even unusual, but still a small masterpiece, which is sure to appeal to all fans of the previous parts of the game, as well as if you're tired of mindless action, be sure to try it out, and this option!


Lifeline: Whiteout



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2016/06/04 10:44
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