The game is a kind of Downwell platofrmer, vypolenny pixel in a very, very retro style, which appeared thanks to developers of DevolverDigital, who have already done a lot of games, most of which are paid. The approach is very strange, and so do the prices are impressive, they have the game, the value of which exceeds 20 dollars !!! And I would say that it's not about that, but for this game they also want money, not much, really, just three dollars, but still, in fact, if you look at it, you will realize that I was so outraged. However, if you play a little, then spending three dollars does not look much of a meaningless ...

It looks really terrible game, that's true. Yes, there is pixels, but we met a lot of pixels that look not just good, they look cool! This is not the case, especially when you consider that the colors in the game is limited to just three colors and their shades occasionally, namely - white, black, red. And then the red ... so little in common. As a result, the game does not look only to the pixel, and black and white, with the main background is black, the result for the first time will be hard to understand what is going on and what to do, but I shall prompt - you need to jump into the well!

Once you have jumped, the fun begins - namely, hardcore, dynamic and killer gameplay that will delay you, if the vision will allow ... been smashed on the game levels, each task will be to get to the bottom of the well, in every possible way to avoid clashes with the enemy. On the left, right or in the middle are the projections on which you can jump, but sometimes on the ledges are the enemies, so that the stay will not work, even the enemies will be in the air, you can kill them in the "Mario" by jumping on her head. The main difficulty - the enemies are not passive, seeing you they will attack, moving in your direction, so you can not stop here! Sometimes will come across ledges which is something like a protective bubble, it is possible to get up and take a break, this is the only place where it is safe. By the way pretty quickly and you got the gun, but the enemies will be more, in general, is a thoroughbred hardcore!

Bottom line: Yes, Downwell game is worth three dollars without trial, and yes, it has a questionable design, yes, it is designed for a specific audience, but if you're a member of this particular audience, the game will love you!





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2016/05/15 12:57
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