Star Knight
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Star Knight game is one of the most popular genres on android - platformer, but this platformer from the developers of LeftRight was very high quality and advanced, which is quite remarkable, especially considering that this is their second game on android! However, they are from Korea, so cool games in their blood!

The game's plot revolves around the kidnapping of another, only this time not kidnapped some princess and the whole sun! After years of living in the dark one hero he went on rescuing the light, but picked up his beloved, who treated him. As expected - she was killed, as a result, the campaign for the sun became more and brutal revenge.
To say that the road to the light is simple - hard, all levels dotted with dangerous traps on what problems do not end there, because there is still full of dangerous enemies and bosses, with which will have to fight the last effort. But you can handle?


  • many beautiful and varied levels
  • enemies evolve as you progress through
  • apply cool tricks against bosses
  • unlock different characters and bleed them
  • many hidden objects and treasures
  • Gather the coolest runes
  • Enjoy excellent design
  • admired the smooth and convenient operation

There is a problem.
Yes, unfortunately this is not without cost. It is time, perhaps, to get used to that, even on the android quality games will be paid, because this - paid. At the moment it is offered at a discount of 66% and it costs a little less than a dollar, it is logical to assume, when the discount ends, the price will rise to two dollars. Not a lot, but generally not accustomed to, plus a trial version for free download too, will not work.

Outcome: Star Knight game is a very good platformer, sorry for that charge, but then again, at the moment it off, so if you want something like that - it's time!


Star Knight

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3.19★ 63.75%

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2016/05/12 12:51
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