Dead Synchronicity: TCT
3.6 (11)
Dead Synchronicity: TCT


Game Dead Synchronicity: TCT prepared German developers Daedalic Entertainment GmbH, this is their first and very successful project, how good ... run it for a long time, and quite a few downloads, but it is mostly because the game will have to pay and arrange for it a little more than three dollars, but still, it came out great!

This game is hardly entertainment or fun, it is sad and sad. The authors suggest we end up in a strange world, represents another dystopia, a place where no one knows the past, present depressing and future simply, there is only death, in which the world must drown a different outcome here is difficult to see, however, our hero tries to escape ...
Name of the protagonist, Michael and he got into a strange camp, which is a territory of military disengagement, where all the inhabitants are left to themselves. Which came first, our hero does not remember, can not remember how the world has turned into a nightmare, does not remember how he got to camp here ... Terms harsh to say the least, at every step of waiting for death, not from a bullet because of the disease, not from disease, so from the neighbor's hand, as a whole - tin. But even here there are good people who manage to save Michael's in one of these situations, it is now their debtor, and only what you can pay back - to find a way out of this nightmare, and whether it is at all?


  • bloody story, dystopia and strange place in which space and time are clearly given a crash
  • quite familiar and intuitive gameplay
  • beautiful graphics in 2D style and unique design
  • Exclusive soundtrack from the band Kovalski

games Disadvantages:

  • No trial version
  • a very specific genre, not everyone will appreciate, not everyone will understand

Bottom line: the game Dead Synchronicity: TCT hard to recommend someone, it's very specific, that severely limits the number of its fans, but of those who love all this gloom and fall - is a sensation! Among other things, the game is well framed, and an interesting story definitely addictive and does not let go until the last moment!


Dead Synchronicity: TCT


3.62★ 72.33%

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2016/04/29 12:29
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