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The game is an arcade Abzorb or simply put time-killer in which we need to collect the substance at various levels. To be honest, I play in the first place reminded hit last season - Agar.io, however, the similarity here is purely visual and does not complete, all the rest is different in principle. The game has prepared developer Gerald P Kelley, who is the first project on the android and he immediately made him paid the price - $ 3! However, as practice shows, the game is well worth the money.

The country is occupied.
The game is divided into random levels, each of which we will have to absorb energy or substance of the blue balls into his arrow ... Sounds strange, but as it is! We really have to manage with an arrow, or rather a triangle, which are drawn around the circle, something like an energy field. Our challenge is the need to collect a substance which is derived from the blue balls when they are within the energy field, but there are many features that greatly complicate the process. For a start it must be done within a certain time, which is quite small, averaging 30 seconds, then at most have either red balls or other obstacles, interaction with which takes away from you all gathered, so you need to avoid them. Then, you have to be extremely careful, because if the same blue balloon allow to approach too close to the most arrow, then clash again resets with you part of the collected wealth, while you can not endlessly build it, every blue ball can "suck" in full and it will be gray and have no help, will only interfere. I am glad only one, the management here is very convenient and sensitive, so you can hone your skills forever.

Outcome: Abzorb game was really interesting and addictive, plus there is a dozen of achievements, statistics with the leaders of five random levels and every day!




1.88★ 37.5%

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2016/04/28 11:41
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