Aurora: Quarantine
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Aurora: Quarantine


Game Aurora: Quarantine is a very good fusion of detective stories and the most usual arcade, which you will be required management skills and some other skills.
As planned by the developers of this game ForthWardStudios action takes place in about 100 years from the present state of things, and everything is very bad. Mankind as usual excelled and ruined the whole ecology of the planet, the good robots even had time to create are now actively helping in eliminating infections and finding safe places. However, the creation of environmentally friendly places for habitation again turned into a disaster, because it could afford them only very wealthy people, while the rest were forced to suffer outside paradises. So there were and activists who protested at first, and when it did not bring fruit took up arms, and chemical ... The first blow devastated one of those paradises for the wealthy that will start a chain reaction of infection, which is now threatening the whole planet. Our robot in the shape of a ball, should explore the city and collect samples on the basis of which scientists will try to make an antidote, but as usual, it's not that simple ...

Gameplay will offer us to travel through the ruins of the city and roll the robot from point A to point B, as a whole, and the game is divided into such sectors. Going through each of them you will receive experience points, which will be pumped his robot, he will have as many as three parameters - the maximum speed, the power of energy. All of these items will be very useful in difficult locations and will allow you to survive for much longer, and to pass the sector more effective. The most difficult thing is to roll the robot, because it works everything in your sense of balance, so that the relaxation does not work, keep the balance will always have, in addition to the level there will be many areas where something falls, falls, and so on, such places should be avoided .

Bottom line: the game Aurora: Quarantine is a great arcade game, which will allow you to not just ride the next round of the robot, but also do it with meaning. Plus, the game has received excellent design, which perfectly conveys the atmosphere of decadence, which the developers predict. However, the game is distributed free of charge, at the moment at a discount of 30%, you can buy it for one dollar, the trial version here unfortunately not.


Aurora: Quarantine


4.83★ 96.5%

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2016/04/22 09:58
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