Myths: Black Rose
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Myths: Black Rose


Game Myths: Black Rose from the already known to us from Big Fish Games Developer is the standard and has many times proven over the years search for items, which still can not offer us any action and indeed dynamic scenes, the maximum that you will get - a little animation locations, which you somehow able to distinguish between what is happening from the usual image. This developer's position on the issue is very frustrating, especially when you learn that this quest vampire!

Vampires are fun, especially when everything is properly filed with the touch of mystery and horror that they usually inspire mere mortals, and for this we need a plot on which developers stingy ... we know very little and we almost immediately turns on the ship, and where It will unfold the whole story. So, we only know that our hero is working hunter of vampires, and on the ship he was because I have to get an ancient artifact that was waiting for him at the end of the way, but as it turned out, he was not one of them hunts and on the liner clearly there is someone who only looks like a man ...


  • Obtain an ancient bottle of pure light, which will be decisive in the fight against evil
  • do not trust anyone, there is clearly something not purely
  • You find a lot of useful items and use them
  • solve puzzles and play mini-games
  • try and unlock a bonus chapter
  • no Donat, play for fun

games Disadvantages:
Without this unfortunately has not done so we proceed. To begin with, and, in general, the main problem is that the game is paid, without trial, and the price she was impressive - $ 5! For all that you get the most standard hidden object puzzles and mysterious touch that bad disclosed due to the weak plot. In general, these developers rarely appears something completely different.

Outcome: Game Myths: Black Rose will suit you just in case, if you really love vampires, and are even ready to pay for it, otherwise you can find another quest similar subjects, only free.


Myths: Black Rose


4.12★ 82.31%

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2016/04/21 10:53
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