Goo Saga game from the developers of Toka Loka Games this adventure and platforming in one bottle, which will tell the story of a sweet devotion, which is deprived of our hero. Made the game is very high quality, ready to offer many levels and interesting job, so if you like these designs - read on!

The story of this game starts in the laboratory where the scientist decided to create a new form of life (homunculus?) And it worked! His creation, he gave the name of Goo and has not yet released it to the world, while continuing to carry out various experiments and trying to make it even better, but one scientist is missing ... The creation of a bored, and then burst out of his tank and decided to go in search of the scientist about so we will be on the first level, which is in the lab and start.
Yes, the game is divided into levels and it is very good, because the runner has frankly bored, and make of this runner would be easy and simple, however, we have a classic, we have a beautiful platformer!
At each level, we need to get to the end and did not die (the hero's life will be), as well as to collect the required number of drops (or more). On the way we will wait for the traps, enemies and a place where you need to think a little to get it, for example, move some box and so on. Life can fill up hearts that are scattered on the level, as they are renewed when you pass the level. Passing all this can be quite successful, especially if you do not forget that our hero is like an amoeba, and may be in three different states, changing its density, so that you can jump to leak, collapse and so on.


  • 3 elastic state that you need to control
  • 3 modes in which you can get through each level
  • beautiful graphics handmade
  • nearly two dozen music tracks
  • excellent and thoughtful design levels
  • twenty and four levels of dangerous boss
  • twelve kinds of enemies
  • Collect crystals and Suck your hero
  • eight abilities that will help in the passage
  • great story with video
  • Two different endings
  • there is a level editor to create your own!
  • upload your levels to a server on the Internet and see how others can pass them

Deficiencies in the game there is little, except one - she paid, and the price is impressive compared to most other projects and is almost $ 5! Sure, the game is excellent, but the price is really too high.

Bottom line: if you do not mind the cost of the game Goo Saga, then be sure to download it, it will bring you a lot of fun!


Goo Saga


3.36★ 67.25%

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2016/04/20 12:54
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